Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Poetry is to me

To me Poetry is like telling a story, but in rhythm and rhytmes.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Paraphrase/Direct Quote

The Darfur war has been named world's worst humanitarian crsis by the U.N. Chad has now become part of this conflict. Also in there own country, thousands of chadians have now become refugges.

Direct Quote:
"The war in Darfur has led to what the U.N. has called the 'world's worst humanitarian crisis.' Over the past year, the conflict has spread into chad, and hundreds of thousands of chadians have become refugees in their own country." (Polgreen 19)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Antony Monologue

I do think his speech was effective. He gave very good reasons to prove that Caesar was a noble man. He's being very sarcastic during his speech by saying that Brutus and the others were honourable men. He also gave good reasons that caesar cared for rome.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Night's Theme

My theme is No one has the right to play god and judge and kill whoever he or she pleases. The nazi's would pick who was strong and healthy enough to work for them. If they were not good enough they would send them to the gas chambers or the creamitorium. For the babies they would throw them in the air and shoot them. Even if you did survive the selection that doesn't mean you'll live. You can still die from over-working or starve to death on the cattle cars.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Plot Line: Contents of the dead man's pocket

Exposition: Tom and Clare are introduced. Tom ask clare if its ok to the movies alone cause he has to stay and finish his work. His paper he was working on flew out the window and landed on a stone ledge in between buildings.

Rising action: Tom try's to forget out how to get the paper without climbing out the window, but figures out the only way is to climb out and get it. He decides if he should climb out or not, but climbs out and gets it cause he put too much work into that paper. While trying to get the paper he looks down and starts to panic. He grabs the paper and starts to make his way back. While trying to climb back in he slips and closes the window shut. He try's to attract people on the street by throwing change off the building but fails. Then he try's to light things in his pocket on fire but also fails. Thinks about breaking through window but does not have the strength to break it. This lets him think about how he didn't spend a lot of time on his wife and more on his work.

Climax: Tom uses all his force to break through the window.

Falling Action: He makes it through the window and into his room. He puts his paper back down on the table in releif. Grabs his coat so he can go see his wife.

Resolution: Before he leaves the paper blown out the window again but tom just laughs and leaves to see clare.


1. Person vs Person: Tom's wife clare worrys that toms works too hard and wants him to take it easy but tom tells her that this is too important to lay off. Clare excepts it then leaves.

2. Person vs Self: Trying to decide whatever or not to go climb out to go get his work, but ends up cause there was two months worth of work he had written. Also he thought others who may have done the same work may gradually mark him out because he decided not to get his work.

3. Person vs Nature: The wind is kind of taunting tom as he's getting the paper. The first time is when the wind blew the paper out the window and the secound time is the wind blew the paper out again but tom doesn't care anymore.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Definition: Character that represents oppsition against the protagonist.

Example: Darth Vader from star wars. He try's to stop the rebellion from destroying the death star.